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    Welcome To Montessori School of San Leandro

    The Montessori classroom provides a prepared environment in which children learn at their own pace within the context of a loving & nurturing environment. The children’s inherent love of learning is encouraged by providing the opportunity to be spontaneous, and engage in meaningful activities under the guidance of a credentialed Montessori teacher. Through the learning activities children develop concentration, motivation, persistence, discipline, and harmony. Within this framework of order they progress at their pace and rhythm according to their individual capabilities.

    COVID-19 Safety Precautions

    We continue to remain open to continue the growth of your child’s education. Please read the new procedures that the school has implemented to keep children, staff, and families safe during this pandemic.




    Montessori School of San Leandro


    Two Year Old Program

    The Two Year Old Program develops social, emotional and cognitive skills. Half day (morning or afternoon), extended day, and all day schedules are available. The two year old’s spontaneity and developing focus & concentration is the hallmark of the classroom. Whichever schedule suits your needs, the same high quality, Montessori learning experience is available.





    Montessori School of San Leandro


    Preschool/Kindergarten Program

    The Preschool/Kindergarten Program is designed for three to six year old children to develop social, emotional and cognitive skills. The rigorous involvement with basic social skills is accompanies by an amazing interest in learning! We offer half day, extended day and day care programs.